Get The Perfect Smile from M&M Dental Care Cosmetic Dentistry Service

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One of the first things people see when they meet you is your smile. Considering that it’s such a prominent facial feature,  many patients want to improve their smiles. Because not all are born with white and bright teeth, a lot of people turn to M&M Dental Care cosmetic dentistry to help them achieve a beautiful, natural smile.

As proven experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry, M&M Dental Care uses a variety of methods to provide patients with the smile they desire.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Can Get at M&M Dental Care

Every day M&M Dental Care creates perfect smiles. The cosmetic dentistry services you can get include Invisalign, fillings, dental bridges, and sports mouthguards. 

The Invisalign treatment gives you the freedom of almost invisible way to straighten your teeth without using traditional braces. For the best results, M&M Dental Care suggests wearing Invisalign aligners 20-22 hours a day. The dentist will create comfortable, removable, and nearly invisible aligners to improve your oral health and help you regain your beautiful smile. An expert dentist at M&M Dental Care will advise you which Invisalign treatment is best for you.

A filling is a procedure to restore damaged teeth to their normal shape. A dentist will first remove the rotten tooth material, clean the area, and add filling material. A filling treatment can also prevent further tooth damages.

Dental bridges support the gap between damaged or missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of one or two crowns and false teeth that fill in the dap. It is a great way to preserve your healthy teeth and make daily activities such as eating and talking easier.

The purpose behind sports mouthguards is to keep teeth protected. In sports, teeth are susceptible to damage. With a sports mouthguard by M&M Dental Care, it is easier to keep the teeth protected and reduce further damages.

Why Invest in Cosmetic Dentistry?

In addition to visible results, one of the reasons to invest in M&M Dental Care cosmetic dentistry is its quality service and long-lasting nature. The Invisalign treatments will help you regain your beautiful smile in the most convenient way possible. The dental bridges are not only durable but long-lasting as well. They last anywhere from 10-15 years if you take appropriate care with them. Sports mouthguards can last from 2-5 years, depending upon your habits.

“A great smile can make a huge difference in the way we look and feel,” says Dr. Maricela Murillo, M&M Dental Care dentist. “When we know our smile looks great, we have reassurance in our conversation with whoever we’re speaking with, which helps us feel confident and attractive.”

Meet the Friendly M&M Dental Care Team

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry services offered at M&M Dental Care, schedule a consultation with the dental team. The friendly staff will welcome you and make you feel right at home. A hygienist will do a routine check-up and suggest the best treatments for you.

M&M Dental Care GMB Post Picture