Best San Diego Dentist – Dr. Maricela Murillo Offers Veneers That Brighten Smiles

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M&M Dental Care is proud to present its latest techniques for dental veneers and bonding.

This innovative and modern dental practice, headed by Dr. Maricella Murillo, has served patients in San Diego and the neighboring La Mesa and Lemon Grove areas for years, providing full dental services. They offer dental veneers in San Diego and bonding, fillings, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, fluoride treatments, and general dental health education.

Why Get Dental Veneers and Bonding?

Dental veneers and bonding are sometimes perceived as the same process, but they are two different dental procedures with a similar outcome. 

Dentists apply dental veneers – custom-designed, wafer-thin porcelain shells – to patients’ teeth to cover up gaps between teeth, misshapen teeth, stains, or chipped teeth. 

Dental bonding achieves the same result but involves the dentist applying a thin coating of composite resin directly to the damaged area, hiding the imperfections.

According to Dr. Murillo, these procedures are perfect for patients who wish to improve their smiles. 

“Dental veneers and bonding are simple, affordable, and relatively permanent options for improving the quality of your smile,” she states. “Placed over the front of the damaged tooth, they look like the patient’s teeth and effortlessly correct a host of dental issues.”

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Long-lasting Dental Veneers in San Diego

Dental veneers are custom-made porcelain coverings that fit seamlessly over a patient’s tooth.

They are durable, stain-resistant, and painless, lasting approximately 10-15 years without replacement.

At M&M Dental Care, we provide patients with a full consultation to explore if veneers are the best option for correcting their defective teeth.

Once we’ve completed the consultation, Dr. Murillo will prepare the patient’s tooth for the procedure by removing some of the tooth enamel and then digitally scan the tooth to accurately design a well-fitting porcelain veneer that blends with the patient’s natural smile.

In the meantime, Dr. Murillo will install a temporary veneer to protect the tooth until the permanent porcelain is ready. The final step of the process involves removing the temporary veneer, cleaning the tooth, and installing the final porcelain veneer with adhesive and light-curing to ensure secure veneer attachment.

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Dental Bonding

M&M Dental Care also offers dental bonding services, which produce similar results to dental veneers.

While veneers use porcelain shells, dental bonding uses a composite resin that is applied to the tooth’s damaged area.

At M&M Dental Care, Dr. Murillo first applies an etching solution to make the tooth’s surface uneven and then uses a special light to harden the resin. She then polishes the tooth, blending the resin seamlessly into the tooth for a perfect result.

While both procedures are beneficial and give the patient a better smile, dental veneers are longer lasting than dental bonding, and M&M Dental Care will advise patients on the best procedure suited to their particular dental needs.

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To Learn More

If you’re looking for a qualified and experienced dentist near La Mesa, Lemon Grove, or want to learn more about dental bonding and veneers in San Diego, contact us today.

We can also arrange an exclusive interview with our head dentist Dr. Maricela Murillo, who can explain more about these dental procedures. Please contact our office weekdays between 8 am – 5 pm at (619) 639-9276.