Same-day crowns give patients a healthy, beautiful smile without the wait!

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M&M Dental Care proudly announces the addition of same-day crown services in the office. Same-day crowns restore patient’s smiles in just one visit, saving patients time, money, and embarrassment.


 Cracked teeth, chipped teeth, and teeth that have undergone a root canal often need to be repaired using a crown. Crowns strengthen teeth and give patients a beautiful smile. Traditional crowns typically take several visits for development and placement. Same-day crowns, known as CEREC crowns, are done in only one visit.


Traditional crowns require dentists to take a mold or impression of the damaged tooth. An outside lab uses this impression to make a crown that fits precisely in the patient’s mouth. The dentist places a temporary crown in the mouth until the permanent crown is ready. The patient returns to the office when the crown is complete for the fitting and placement.


 This method offers several disadvantages. Many patients report that temporary crowns are uncomfortable and unsightly. Visiting the dentist several times also costs time and money.


 Dr. Maricela Murillo DDS offers same-day crowns to both new and existing patients. Cutting-edge technology allows the crowns to be made in the office and placed the same day as the dental procedure. Patients feel confident, leaving the office with a permanent crown in place.


 Dr. Murillo gives her patients their smile back with Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC, crowns. First, Dr. Murillo uses computer-aided technology to take multiple images of the patient’s teeth. These images are made into a digital model of the patient’s tooth.


 Once Dr. Murillo is satisfied with the image, the machine mills the crown out of a ceramic block in-office. The milling process takes an average of 15 minutes. Dr. Murillo checks for fit and shade-matches the tooth. She then permanently adheres the crown to the damaged or treated tooth. This results in a beautiful crown that gives patients a smile that they are proud to show off.


 CEREC crowns fix decayed, broken or misshapen teeth. The ceramic material is durable and FDA-approved for dental care. When cared for properly, CEREC crowns last five to fifteen years, the same amount of time as traditional crowns.


 Patients report that they love their CEREC crowns because they look and feel similar to natural teeth. Additionally, patients report that they cost the same as traditional crowns. Most insurance providers cover CEREC crowns. Contact the office today for more information and to get started on same-day crown services.


 Dr. Maricela Murillo DDS has been serving the residents of San Diego with her complete dental care for over 15 years. She knows that many patients feel apprehensive when visiting the dentist. Therefore, she works hard to soothe her patients with her caring disposition and calming demeanor. Dr. Murillo’s patients report that she offers high-quality, compassionate dental care. The office is proud to provide a variety of dental care needs, including generalized dental services as well as specialized services that include sleep apnea treatment, orthodontics, and TMJ and TMD treatments.


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