M&M Dental Care Provides Unique Patient Assistance with Customized Treatment Plans in San Diego, CA

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San Diego, CA: Emphasizing the importance of custom-tailored dental treatments, Dr. Maricela Murillo changes the way patients experience oral health care. In the process, she leverages state-of-the-art equipment with an innovative approach. She credits part of her success to her soothing disposition, which instantly calms even the most fearful patient. Besides that, she takes time to work with each individual to get to know them.

What sets apart Dr. Murillo’s practice from so many others is the broad range of services she provides. In addition to preventative care, fillings, and similar treatments, she also works with patients in need of orthodontic care, TMJ treatments, or assistance with sleep apnea treatments. For anyone struggling with this condition, there are now several care options that can lead to a significant improvement in overall health.

Cosmetic, Restorative and Preventative Dentistry

Of course, Dr. Murillo also welcomes patients who have cosmetic concerns. A case in point is her gentle teeth whitening procedure that can make a visible difference in the overall appearance of your smile. Moreover, she also specializes in same-day crowns. By investing in CEREC technology, Dr. Murillo succeeded in adding convenience to patients’ visits.

Instead of requiring multiple appointments to fit a crown, there is now only one treatment. While the patient relaxes in the dental chair, the doctor takes digital x-rays that create a highly accurate scan of the affected area. As she prepares your tooth for the crown, a machine mills it right there in the office. There is no longer the need for a temporary crown that requires eventual replacement when the finished product comes back from a dental lab.

In support of your healthy smile, the doctor also specializes in veneers. These have the power to change the look and feel of your mouth. The treatment appeals to patients who do not want to undergo orthodontic care for their front teeth. Moreover, it enables those with chipped teeth to enjoy a gorgeous smile. Veneers are thin surface covers for the teeth. They create an even, healthy, and beautiful smile while covering up the existing dental structures.

Dentistry for Children

Because Dr. Murillo treats the entire family, the clinic makes oral health care quick and simple. Children can receive treatment on the same day as their parents, which cuts down the need to make separate appointments and travel to another clinic. Since staff members understand that many parents do not like to keep children out of school, the facility offers 7 a.m. appointments twice a week as well as late-afternoon appointments up to 5 p.m.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Murillo will gladly take the time to talk to new patients to discover their needs. If you are not sure what types of treatment would be ideally suited for you and your family, she can assist you with a comprehensive exam and detailed advice. In the process, you never feel as though she and her staff are in a rush.

About M&M Dental Care:

Visit Dr. Maricela Murillo at 4990 70th Street in San Diego, CA 92115. You can reach the friendly front office staff by dialing (619) 382-3222. Alternatively, please visit the clinic’s website online at https://www.mmdentalcare.com/

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