Periodontal Treatment in San Diego CA

Periodontal Treatment in San Diego, California

Are you searching everywhere possible for five-star periodontal treatment in America’s Finest City? If you are, then we’re calling your name here at M&M Dental Care. We’re a San Diego dental clinic that has an outstanding track record of our credit. Dr. Maricela Murillo is our hard-working and seasoned dentist. She focuses on everything from periodontal treatment and dental fillings to bridges and root canal management. It doesn’t matter if you want to whiten your teeth or simply clean them. We’re the local practice that can get you on the path to gleaming, white, and healthy teeth.

Ins and Outs of Periodontics

Periodontics is a big focal point at M&M Dental Care. Periodontics, in short, involves the teeth and the structures that accommodate them. If you have any concerns that include periodontal disease, then we can assist you here. We regularly accommodate patients who have periodontics concerns of all kinds. If you require any periodontal treatment, then you may observe a handful of things. Gum recession may be an issue for you. You may experience frustrating gum bleeding any time you brush or floss your teeth. You may have teeth that no longer feel secure in their positions. You may even notice adjustments in the locations of your teeth. Other things to be on the lookout for are missing teeth, aching during chewing, tartar accumulation, plaque accumulation, swelling of the gums, gum redness, and unpleasant breath. People who have concerns that involve breath that out of nowhere smells awful may want to seek periodontal treatment. People who have concerns that affect unpleasant swelling may wish to explore M&M Dental Care’s Periodontal Therapy.

A Helpful, Organized and Knowledgeable Crew

Dr. Murillo is among the most capable and impressive periodontal treatment gurus around. If you want a periodontal treatment that’s genuinely worth your time, then our office won’t let you down. Our team members are all some of the most knowledgeable dental powerhouses in the business. If you want to know about our various periodontal treatment choices, we can explain them to you in striking detail. Our representatives can talk to you about typical issues that involve teeth structures. They can speak to you about ways to safeguard yourself from all varieties of periodontal concerns. If you want dental treatment and guidance that’s all-encompassing, updated, and dependable as can be, then all you have to do is look at M&M Dental Care on 70th Street.

Our aim here is and has always been to get all of our patients on the path to healthy and strong teeth. If you want to relish a bright and flawless smile for life, then all you have to do is let us know. Our practice has a bright and airy vibe that can motivate our patients to feel terrific about taking excellent care of their pearly whites.

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"I've always been happy with their service, and I don't have much dental anxiety. If you do, be sure to let them know, so they can get out the kid gloves."

Paul H.

"Dr. Murillo has been my dentist for approximately 5 years and I have to say this has been the best experience! All the staff are super friendly, personable, and treat you like your family. Dr. Murillo is very knowledgeable, personable, and goes above and beyond to make you well informed and provide any necessary care. I have peace of mind knowing I'm getting the best care when I go here."

Heather S.

"I have been going to this business for 44 years. Dr. Murillo has only been the owner for the last 8 years, but she is gentle, considerate and compassionate as a dentist. If you are a chicken about dentists....she is your best bet."

Charles G.

"I have been going to this dental practice for decades prior to Dr. Murillo taking over. The staff is amazing, notably Kelly at the front desk and hygienist of the millennium Carol. Since Dr. Murillo has taken over she has introduced ..."


Shawn M.

"Amazing staff; friendly; best numbing shots I have ever had probably because she numbs the gums first with lidocaine gel of some kind? Have questions or want information about procedures or insurance the staff will tell you right away or find out for you. I have had excellent referrals out to other specialists and those specialists are impressed by D.D.S Maricela murrilo’s work as well."


John P.

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