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Missing a tooth as an adult can make a person very self-conscious. While a “snaggletooth” is cute in children, a tooth-sized gap in an adult’s mouth can draw a good deal of unwanted attention and speculation, not to mention the significant embarrassment and social anxiety it can cause. In addition, one must also consider the physiological impact of having a missing tooth: bite alignment issues when eating, jaw stress, and the shifting of neighboring teeth.

These psychological and physical issues can lead to anxiety, depression, and other disorders. Luckily for those who suffer from adult tooth loss, dental solutions are available. In San Diego, CA, Dr. Maricela Murillo and her team at M&M Dental Care can help. Anyone missing a tooth can make themselves whole again with dental implants.

If anyone has ever recommended a dental implant as a solution to your dental issues, you may have found the amount of online information on the procedure to be overwhelming. What are dental implants? And, what advantages do they provide over other available options? The consideration of dental implants raises important questions that deserve further attention.

What Are Dental Implants?

When most patients hear about dental implants, they think of the visible crown on top. However, the implant itself is a small titanium post that a dentist places into the jawbone’s socket and leaves to heal. Only later, after a few additional steps, does the dentist place the crown to complete the procedure. Below, we will look at the main milestones you may anticipate when securing dental implants at M&M Dental Care in San Diego, CA.

The Plan

Before Dr. Murillo starts to work on a patient’s teeth, she designs a specialized treatment plan for each patient’s particular dental problem. Working with a team of professionals, she puts great care into drafting a plan for a permanent solution that will provide aesthetic appeal and proper functioning. Once satisfied, the dentist will move forward with the implant process.

The Implant

Dr. Murillo implants the titanium post into the patient’s empty tooth socket vacated by the missing tooth. Then it takes about six to twelve weeks for the patient to heal fully. During the healing process, the jawbone will grow around the implant, securing it in place. After the dentist feels satisfied with the strength of the implant, she will then add an abutment.

The Abutment

After the patient has completed the healing process, Dr. Murillo will attach a second post to the implanted one. Professionals call this connecting post an abutment. This abutment becomes the support base for the crown, which will give the appearance of a healthy, white tooth.

The Crown

To create the crown, Dr. Murillo and her team will make a model of the patient’s teeth by taking impressions. Based on the size and shape of the current teeth, technicians will create a crown that fits well in the mouth and matches the other teeth. Once Dr. Murillo attaches the crown to the abutment, the entire procedure is complete.
Why Should I Consider Dental Implants?
The popularity of dental implants has exploded in recent decades because they provide certain advantages over dentures and bridges. Dental implants are:

● More durable
● More comfortable
● More convenient
● More functional

Dental Implants are a great advancement in dentistry as they permanently replace missing teeth in a way that no previous dental technique was able to accomplish. Implants are anchors made out of the strongest titanium materials, that are implanted into the bone and then covered with a cap or denture. They are stronger than a natural root and will never require a root canal or filling. An implant will help maintain the health and shape of the bone in the jaw area, and neighboring teeth do not need to be filed down to make room for it. It is imperative that the dentist performing the implant be experienced and skilled in all the proper techniques of implant dentistry. When done successfully, an implant will result in a comfortable and natural-looking tooth, thereby providing a permanent solution to a missing tooth.

Anyone who believes that dental implants might be the solution they need should read about Dr. Murillo and her team and then contact M&M Dental Care at (619) 329-5808 in San Diego, CA, for an implant consultation. Interested parties may also want to read online reviews.

"I've always been happy with their service, and I don't have much dental anxiety. If you do, be sure to let them know, so they can get out the kid gloves."

Paul H.

"Dr. Murillo has been my dentist for approximately 5 years and I have to say this has been the best experience! All the staff are super friendly, personable, and treat you like your family. Dr. Murillo is very knowledgeable, personable, and goes above and beyond to make you well informed and provide any necessary care. I have peace of mind knowing I'm getting the best care when I go here."

Heather S.

"I have been going to this business for 44 years. Dr. Murillo has only been the owner for the last 8 years, but she is gentle, considerate and compassionate as a dentist. If you are a chicken about dentists....she is your best bet."

Charles G.

"I have been going to this dental practice for decades prior to Dr. Murillo taking over. The staff is amazing, notably Kelly at the front desk and hygienist of the millennium Carol. Since Dr. Murillo has taken over she has introduced ..."


Shawn M.

"Amazing staff; friendly; best numbing shots I have ever had probably because she numbs the gums first with lidocaine gel of some kind? Have questions or want information about procedures or insurance the staff will tell you right away or find out for you. I have had excellent referrals out to other specialists and those specialists are impressed by D.D.S Maricela murrilo’s work as well."


John P.

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